montageAbout the Artist

Toby paints bold, flamboyant landscapes and poignant, reflective portraits, as well as contemporary collage and assemblage works. She began painting as soon as she was old enough to hold a brush and doesn’t remember a time when she was not creating art.

Before moving to Los Angeles Toby painted in the cubist style using muted colors, after moving, Toby studied with Alex Villumsen, an artist she credits with encouraging her to select bold colors without thinking of the “rules”. Never being a rule follower in any part of her life, this was the perfect fit for her, to allow her imagination free reign.

Among the many artist Toby admires, she has been most influenced by the art of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Diego Rivera.

“I paint in oil and I mix my own special medium that gives my painting a ‘Pow’. I enjoy almost every aspect of painting from the preparation to the finished product. I say almost because there is always that moment when I say to myself “What is this thing.” That’s when I take a few days to reflect, work on a collage and then, with fresh eyes I go back to my painting.

I love color as you can see from my paintings. When I begin thinking about a new painting, which usually comes to me at 4:00 am, I think of the negative space as well as the positive space. I am always anxious to transfer my drawing to a large canvas so I can begin the wonderful dance of colors, starting with red.